Professors of Bluegrass

The Band

In 1990, now Yale University President-elect, Peter Salovey, and fellow Psychology Professor, Kelly Brownell, assembled a group of Yale community members who, like themselves, loved to play and listen to bluegrass music. The group enthralled the rest of the community, and as the picture to the left documents, it carries on that tradition to this day.

As members of the original band moved on, a brief lull in the music was relieved by a second incarnation of the group. That edition enjoyed great popularity from 1996 to 1999, but sadly for music lovers, members continued to move on and the Professors of Bluegrass once again descended into quiescence.

In 2005, thanks to some returning members, some new members, and the passion for the music that unites bluegrass musicians everywhere, the Professors of Bluegrass came to life once again!

The band has remained alive and well since that time, has had a number of members for a year or two at a time, but some of its core members continue to play regularly, and to work hard to keep the music going in the Yale community, in local venues, and at any festivals they can manage to attend.